From statistics to machine learning, we're dedicated to using data science for positive change towards Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Our team will work closely with your organization to identify your specific data needs and develop solutions that fit your unique challenges.


Machine Learning

Our dedicated team employs machine learning techniques to analyze data in areas like healthcare, education, gender gaps, poverty reduction, and economic empowerment.


Data Visualization

We simplify complex data through visualizations, enabling non-profits and social organizations to make informed decisions about strategic planning, resource allocation, and demonstrating the impact of their work


Statistical Analysis

We combine statistical analysis and machine learning to extract comprehensive solutions for societal good. Connect with us to unlock your data's potential.


Gender Inclusion

Promoting gender inclusion through gender statistics. We work with organizations to analyze and interpret data reflecting gender disparities.



We provide AI and data driven solutions to healthcare organizations and research institutions. By analyzing data trends, we provide insights into disease prevalence, treatment outcomes, and healthcare delivery.



Through AI and data analytics, we aim to enhance student performance evaluation, trends in education attainment and resource optimization in the education sector.



Our services in agriculture focus on utilizing machine learning methods to optimize resource allocation, predict crop yields, and identify sustainable farming practices.


Climate Change and Environmental Impact

We analyze environmental data to assess and predict the impacts of climate change on health and other sectors to aid climate change mitigation.


Poverty Alleviation

We identify vulnerable populations and assess poverty indices, providing clear evidence to stakeholders on where to direct their economic empowerment efforts